Office Air conditioning Units Birmingham and the Midlands 

Evaporative Coolers Hire

Midland Cool provide a range of portable evaporative coolers with air flow ranging from 950 to 1550 M3/hr. suitable for well ventilated offices, retail or reception areas.

Honeywell FR60EC Evaporative Cooler image
  • The Honeywell FR60EC is the perfect choice to keep large indoor and outdoor environments comfortably cool and breezy.
Honeywell FR48EC Evaporative Cooler image
  • The Honeywell FR48EC is a stylish high quality evaporative air cooler that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cooling.
Honeywell FR30XC Evaporative Cooler image
  • Medium size evaporative cooler. Coolers area up to 30sqm.
Honeywell FR12EC Evaporative Cooler image
  • Ideal for spot cooling and heating in any home/office. Coolers area up to 12sqm.
EH1616 Evaporative Air Cooler image
  • An effective cooling solution with a powerful motor and fan, suitable for use in larger areas and ideal for commercial environments.
Munters CCX 2.5 Evaporative Cooler - 30m image
  • Attractive compact design
  • Low installation, running and maintenance cost
Jetstream 2400 image
  • Energy rated A
  • 189L water tank
Cyclone 3000 evaporative cooler - 75 sq m image
  • Energy Rated A
  • 69l water tank
WF360 Evaporative Cooler - 11 sq m image
  • Cools and humidifies the air
  • Ioniser reduces odours and revitalises the air
Antartico Evaporative Cooler image
  • 3 in 1 air cooler, humdifier and air purifier
SL60 Evaporative Cooler / Humidifier image
  • Multi functions - cooler/humidifier/fan/air cleaner
  • 4 speed fan
Classic 900P Evaporative Cooler image
  • Three fan speed
  • Quiet operation
PAC2000 Evaporative Cooler / Humidifier - 20 sq m image
  • Multiple functions - cooler / humidifier / fan
  • 3 speed
Sumo Junior Evaporative Cooler / Humidifier - 21 sq m image
  • Cools & humidifies the air
  • Powerful 3 speed motor
Climeur Evaporative Cooler / Humidifier - 23 sq m image
  • 3 speed fan
  • 2 functions fan and cool
Symphony Evaporative Cooler / Humidifier - 23 sq m image
  • Medium size evaporative cooler
  • Cools & humidifies the air
Sumo Evaporative Cooler - 27 sq m image
  • 3 speed fan
  • Continuous & manual fill option
SumoWinter - Evaporative Air Cooler image
  • Evaporative Air Cooler
  • Environmentally friendly, low running costs
Mastercool Evaporative Cooler image
  • Quite Operation
Kool Cube - Evaporative Cooler / Humidifier  30 sq m  Steel Cabin image
  • Evaporative Cooler / Humidifier
  • 1550 m3/hr output
M3000 TV Evaporative Cooler / Humidifier - 30 sq m image
  • Effective Cooling
  • Cleans and Filter the Air
Cyclone 2000 evaporative cooler - 46 sq m image
  • Energy rated A
  • 30l water tank capacity
Sumo DLX Evaporative Cooler image
  • Attractive compact design
  • Low installation, running and maintenance cost
High performance 3600 evaporative cooler - 246 sq m image
  • Energy rated A
  • 75.5L water tank

Evaporative Portable Air Conditioners

Evaporative coolers provide a cooling effect by natural evaporation, in the process increasing relative humidity. Fans and air movers increase cooling through air circulation. Evaporative air conditioners do not have a compressor or condenser. Instead, liquid water or ice is poured into a tank and air movement releases this as vapour. Because they do not have a refrigeration circuit, they do not need hoses or pipes, allowing them to be truly portable. These units add humidity and are not suitable for computer, IT or server room applications. In moderate humidity locations there are many cost-effective uses for evaporative cooling, in addition to their widespread use in dry climates. For example, industrial plants, commercial kitchens, laundries, dry cleaners, greenhouses, spot cooling (loading docks, warehouses, factories, construction sites, athletic events, workshops, garages, and kennels) and confinement farming (poultry and dairy) all often employ evaporative cooling.