Temporary boiler hire in Birmingham and the West Midlands

Four good reasons why you might need to hire a temporary boiler


When you have a heating and hot water breakdown

Keeping your downtime to a minimum during emergency breakdowns of your heating or hot water system is highly important to maintain production levels  and keep your staff comfortable.


When you require additional heating capacity for a temporary period


During seasonal  temperature drops and business peaks, additional heating capacity may be  required to support or supplement your existing heating and/or hot water system.  Hiring a temporary boiler provides cost-effective additional heating without  using your working capital.


When routine maintenance is being undertaken


Hire a  temporary boiler during planned maintenance of your existing boiler, heating or  hot water system thus minimising disruptions and allowing operations to continue as normal by providing  consistent levels of heat and hot water.


When your existing boiler requires a replacement


When  replacing your old boiler or heating system, hiring a temporary rental boiler  will allow your heating and/or hot water supply to be uninterrupted. Midland Cool understand your needs and  concerns and have experience with critical heating solutions so we can deliver  a boiler rental system guaranteed to meet your needs. Getting the job done  right first time is important, with our flexible hire periods, there is no rush  to get your boiler or heating system back online, giving you time to get it  right the first time.